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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 14, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> okay. >> you didn't go totally red either. are you non-commit al? >> tonight it look red? it is like a deep red, for deep love. >> oh, it is cents? i see cranberry. >> i cran berry is form of red >> purpose sell form of record red. >> you're just determined to be contrary today? >> everything is in synchronicity. it doesn't have to be a sad day. you have a choice. >> tell them, sue. >> yes. >> like nine out of ten. >> yes. >> bus stop buddy, has his valentine card already to go. temperatures, in the 30's, not as cold as they were yesterday we had a little bit of freezing drizzle up in the pocono mountains, seems to be going a. temperature above freezing in philadelphia. little bit after windchill.
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sunrise time 6:55, other temperatures wacking out the door, 36 atlantic sit, 33 reading, 35 in wildwood. so, we are going to call it a lovely day today. our valentine day forecast for the daytime, 52 degrees, mix of sun, clouds, some showers may roll in tonight. so grab that umbrella if you're going out to dinner tonight bob kelly, you may need it on the way home you got it, 4:01, quiet this morning, i think today will be one of those daisy always call shake up the snow globe. unusual patterns all day long folks skims out early for little romantic lunch maybe going home little early to get out for dinner, no problems at all on the schuylkill there is guy here disable onramp looking good coming in from collegeville. if you spent couple of hours filling out the valentine cards for the kids last night, austin went with the star wars
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theme judge do i have to write my name so many times? >> make sure to pack them in the kids lunch bags or their book bags this morning so they can have them for their valentine party. no candy at school today. just cards. ben franklin bridge looking good all of the red light lit up downtown philly, for valentine day. some white lights for you coming in from new jersey and so far so good on mass transit back to you. >> warms a girls heart. >> r2 dd2. >> hum. >> i see your 3cpo. okay, i'll start this put up picture every my valentine. >> okay. >> okay? it is the hole in my heart like a pothole. >> oh,. >> see i'm trying to bring everything together today. >> i see, so your heart like a pothole? >> prep much. >> or the pothole like your heart? >> oh, that's heavy.
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big hole, so -- >> how are you going to fill it? >> with blacktop or tar. seriously at this point in 2018 why can't we make roads that don't get potholes? goods question, i guess we haven't found the ultimate graphite material that will with stand all of the weather ups and downs that we are talking about the temperatures ups ands downs. i want to get out of the way. watch whether this car goes over the roadway, see the brake light, red lights go up and down, so it is a two hands on the wheel day. no matter what road you're on we're seen big ones, you can see people that ride this road regularly, bob kelly, notice there is going over the double yellow line to avoid hitting this hole. good thing they're in a valley here so they can see up the hill quite a bit. but we never recommends going on the other side of the double yellow line for sure. but people who come here every
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day don't want to hit that hole any more, you'll a blow out. very upset this morning, blew out tire one of the hards he is working guys in the city puts in the hours spent a couple of hours at the repair shop, he told me $300 bill for his repair yesterday. almost everybody you talk to has pothole story look at the video we shot. one of the worse years ever triple a tells us already they say just for pothole repairs alone up 20% 2018 over last year, that means, a lot of work at a lot of the garages. one every them we passed scrappy auto service route one langhorne, so far our favorite name for auto repair, one of the many places cents busy, making the 300-$1,000 repairs for each one that comes in.
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>> it sound like my wheel is going to fall off. >> as soon as you hit it, just sheared the tire. >> getting suspension tires, broken springs, broken shot, broken tires, bent rims. hitting potholes. >> so, again, it seems like i say this biweekly to you two, but again you guys look super smart by living close to work where you can only walk or ooh nerve, not own a car, and fear this, because the rest of us are driving in fear, especially those who come in in the dark. &-úy have pothole story, probably spilled the gray poupon in the back seat. >> yes, got all over my tux last night. i have a big one at 19th and callowhill that we go over
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every day, i mean shall everybody has a pothole that they talk becomes so if you gather chance take a picture, i would rather see that than valentine. >> you would rather see the holes? >> yes. >> did you ever get that one fixed at market? >> yes. >> remember they came out, should have been the other department. >> it is fixed you. >> maybe that can be your gift to the people for valentine day. >> i'll fill your holes. all right, 6:06. >> well, police say they're talking to a person of interest, in the murder of a 68 year old woman in philadelphia, it happened on the 7100 block of oxford avenue. medics found the woman dead in her bedroom yesterday afternoon, not sure how she died, but police say three knives were found at the scene philadelphia's homicide unit is investigating. >> in north philadelphia police officer involved in a overnight crash. that sends one person to the hospital. happened just after midnight north woodstock street. no word on who was transported to hahnemann hospital.
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we know being treated for minor injuries, and thousands of crows, are making themselves at home and pooping all over the place. >> really, all over the place? >> listen to them. >> joining forces, pulling out all of the stops to get the birds to move along here. how do you get that? >> huge flock have been coming into the area, since october. a long time. they'll roosevelt boulevard in there. usually arrive just after sunset. expert say, the birds leave behind lot of poop. >> geez, look at that. >> get them into smaller groups that will be more tolerable to the resident.
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>> so using those little hand held pyrotecnics and lazers, too. >> to get the massive flocks to disperse into smaller groups. they just come by back, though so, all of the methods they've used so far are proved non- lethal, none of the crews will grow. just want them to get the heck out of the area and move to new york state. >> they are hard i breed. >> oh, i see, willing to stick it out? >> yes. >> okay. >> i have no idea. i'm not -- i just play one on tv. horror on the highway here, run away suv reaches speeds over 100 miles an hour, and the driver can't do anything to stop it. oh, man, how police were able to slow him down, without getting hurt. >> love isn't the only thing in the air. this valentine day. >> oh, that's a good take.
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>> spring training is officially here. hear from the philly new manager ahead of the team's first official work out. >> does very his shirt on? >> yes, he does.
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>> that looks good, doesn't it purple showing little better.
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>> all shiny. >> brand new in love park. well, a climb here fell at least a thousand feet on the mount hood has died. >> rescue crews were able to reach seven other climbers, still stranded on the mountain , one injured but the injuries not life threatening. hikers say experience is no match for whether it comes to situations like this. >> just you got to know whether to turn back, no mat ter what kind of experience you have. >> i'm very confident in our skills, and i'm concerned because, you know, it is not a safe situation. but at the same time when you take on a mountain, this is going to happen at some point in your life. >> and it is the gamble in they all take. >> mount hood is oregon's tallest peak, it has seen dozens every accidents and fatalities over the years. >> all right, 6:11 now. >> panic over the pacific. a plane's engine blows out mid -air, with no where to land how they made it to the
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destination, though, safely. >> hey, bob? >> oh, good morning, 12:00, hello to the shaders, good morning maple shade new jersey , lauren at the shop. a ride on the reading, live look, reading pennsylvania, waking up, sue has got your valentine forecast, when we come right back.
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>> happy valentine day to shirley homes, happy valentine day! and happy birthday, happens to be her birthday today, as well >> very nice! >> her nickname is chocolate girl. >> maybe she'll get some chocolate today. >> i hope so. her daughter, wonderful person i met, over at the third district. >> oh,. >> thank you for your service. 6:15 exactly. >> let's get to sue. >> mike and alex we did the math we called it holiday happenstance. >> i like that. >> last time ash wednesday and valentine happened 1945, 73 years ago, but the next time is only six years from now.
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20245 years later will happen again. >> i'll save that graph glike meantime, we had little bit to look at earlier on ultimate doppler radar seems to be pretty much gone. probably mix every sunday and clouds throughout the day today. this evening, we could see some shower, so, if you're going out to dinner like so many people are, you may need your umbrella on the way home. so, yes, just grab the umbrella on the way out the door, here comes more rain tomorrow evening. and that could last into friday. >> about 2:00 in the afternoon then will get cold. these temperatures right now will be daytime temperatures, 35 in philadelphia, feels colder than that when you factor in the win. still need the winter coat. it will be something to look forward to, had three yesterday, gain about 10
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degrees today may see some rain friday, a lot colder saturday, but that doesn't even last because it is back to close to 50 on sunday and 52 monday, bob kelly. , here is a live look at the center city vine expressway, folks coming offer of the ben franklin bridge, so starting to see comings pop. coming into downtown, getting into center city via the schuylkill, no problems or delays looking live here right near belmont avenue. >> ninety-five southbound, looking good out of northeast philly look out in that construction zone. again, between allegheny and girard avenue. over here in south jersey, berlin, no problems at all along route 30, for the gang in the poconos, looking good, it will be busy weekend up there with the president's day weaken. three day, first trains out of the gaeton the regional rails, mike and alex, back to you.
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>> bob, thank you, coming up 6:18. >> off duty police commander shot and killed in downtown chicago while pursuing a suspect. paul bauer in the area for meeting when he spotted a man police had been chasing on foot, the 53 year old confronted the suspect and that's when detective say he was shot multiple times. he was later died and police say the sus expect in custody and his weapon has been recovered, but i believe a lot of years since they've had such a high ranking officer be shot and killed in the line of duty in chicago. >> you said he was offer duty really didn't have to step in but he did. that's kind of who he was. >> 18:00. so now, we now know, what was written on a letter containing that white powder address today donald trump, jr. a law enforcement official says it red you're an awful person. it also said trump junior was getting what he deserved, substance in the letter turned out to be corn starch.
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trump junior's wife, vanessa trump, is the one who opened the letter. saw the powder fall out. she called 911 and said she was catching and nurse and the letter mailed from massachusetts. trying to track down who sent it. >> major scare for passengers and crew on plane over paradise. mechanical issues forced flight to make emergency landing in honolulu, imagine looking out the window and seeing that? this video taken by a passenger, tan shows the damage to the plane's engine covering. no one was hurt, and the fa a and national transportation safety board are investigating >> so, i don't know, it was somewhat after emergency, and i think the flight going from san francisco to honolulu anyway. >> what do you do, call the flight attendant button, press that, what do you say? >> i'll take the peanuts and if you can get a cover for my friend the engine. but see over the ocean there, what do you do, turn back to
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san francisco or go to honolulu. >> decided to keep going. because the engine was cents still going, the cover had blown off. >> scary moments on i59 in south florida. look at this. man's gas pedal got stuck, he's doing 100 miles per hour, in a bmw. he called 911 and troopers were able to clear traffic then throw it down to those stop sticks. think don't know why it stuck the pedal but say they're not any known recalls related to the accelerator on that particular 2003bmw. and just pressing break wouldn't slow them down, so they stop stick him. >> nick foles appears on ellen and opens up about a special
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letter he received from his wife. that helped convince him to stick with football. had she not done that, and he retired, who knows what would have happened? good love story, isn't it? >> it is!
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>> core muscle surgery yesterday but out five to six weeks, so, it is next man up for philly. flyers-devils in a shoot-out last night, drew stafford, weaving his way towards michael in goal. devils get the edge, flyers win streak stops at four. >> no news seems to be the news. favorite running back coach duce staley and receivers coach microscope. spring training is here down in color water florida with his new players and already asking the right questions, to help build a culture around this team. >> what does it mean to play boltly? what doses it mean to take a swing in the batters box? wave ' got never return is with conviction, with
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fearlessness that's sports in a minute. i'm kristen rodgers. >> well, in my minds, the phillies are already number one in the major leagues, when it comes to the fitness of their manager. here is our love letter, too, this guy knows how to get to you second base, i'm tell you that. he's more fit than most of the players in the major leagues. that's your phillies manager. >> we love you. >> the phillies will be taking part in throw back thursday's this year, the team announcing yesterday, that they will wear their powder blue throw-back jerseys, and at select thursday games. this season. they last wore those jersies? july against the brewers. the fans likes them. the team will announce more details of the promo at a later dade. but throw back thursday.
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>> that's fitting. >> throw back, jew jew in there. >> hi, suebe. >> hey, we have a lovely day in store today. want to particular a stroll with your sweety? go ahead. it will be 52 degrees, mix of sun and clouds, in the mood for some flowers? perhaps? to show your love? well, lauren johnson, has a new job. she is alternate career, you're in florence snow. >> sort of, sue, riley just a spectator, but listen, if you're in the business of getting flowers today, and you've waited to the last minute and having some loving thoughts, i've got the place just for you. mothers day or valentine ace day
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>> class canceled, princeton professor, for a hate speech, how the university is responding to the criticism. >> tipping, debate, woman fired for complaining about not being tipped on carry out order. she, well, she right to complain? do you tip? when you get take-out food? >> nick foles in the spotlight the super bowl mvp appears on l end, and opens up about his wife's role in preventing him from quitting football. >> good day everybody it is
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wednesday, february the 14th, valentine day 2018. >> little john ledge end. >> so while we're reflecting and listening to the song. let's look at pictures. >> i love all your curves and edges. >> ♪ >> this is from betty. says my sweety, love with you all my heart. awe. >> and i know this says happy valentine day day to my rock, my handsome husband hector. >> hello hector. >> paul says happy valentine to the staff at good day, and to my lovely wife for 22 years reverend earthquake moore. >> lovely addition to your family. >> yes. >> that's a big lizard. is that a lizards. >> what? >> iguana. >> is a iguana a lizards. >> i believe it is, sure it is , iguana love. >> a lot about nature this morning. we won't have the birds and
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the bees top. >> all of your curves and edges. >> you keep focusing on that one part of the song. hey, your edges. >> sorry? >> i'm iguana give you the forecast. >> oh,. >> let's go to the number of the day, which is a good number, a nine out of ten on this valentine day, bus stop buddy has his valentine card already to go. going to school, temperatures in the 30's at the bus stop, not as cold as yesterday, but you still need that winter coat. little precipitation up to the north of us. but that seems to be gone, as well. so, with 35 degrees, and little bit after breeze it, feels like 27 out there. sunrise, the official time coming up pretty soon, 6:55, and it is in the 30's just about everywhere else, so, maybe you'll get some chocolates for this valentine's's day, the forecast certainly cooperating how about morning brunch? about 36 degrees. how about a midday rendezvous? about 47. kelly. your temperature today 2
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>> i go to bed early, midday rendezvous probably about 4:00. can we get the 6:32, morning, everybody, hello chester county, live ight volume so far this morning, folks maybe getting a late start, maybe going to adjust your schedule accordingly. live look at the freeway starting to see volume pop here coming in toward philly. some volume popping on the blue route down near 95. i have to show a picture of this little girl. she was all sad yesterday at the kelly classroom because she had broken her arm. so i was trying to make her funny face toss sign her cast, and all dressed up like an astronaut. i hope she achieves her dream there. we had good time yesterday. so i promised i would cheer her up and show her picture on tv. trenton, warminster, airport, all running with minor delays ot of the gate five to ten minute mike and alex back over to you >> thank you. i love oura picture after pothole, that actually is in
6:33 am
the shape of a heart. basically your heart. >> yes, and put some white around it. >> oh, they're sending this so you can celebrate the holiday too. >> thank you. >> is that what it takes? >> my heart has been run over this year. i have no valentine. but we do have steve keeley. and basically the next best thing. >> mike i am your valentine. prs love life weening name it the phoenix, it will rise out of the ashes on ash wednesday, mike. >> this may be the longest you're ever gone without a significant other in your life and we're to up maybe lie six, seven days, i think now. but your other significant other at work is miss megan wilky, one of the 1,003 resident of hulmeville, where she recommended we visit main street, and she sayings the potholes are so deep here, she actually watches the olympics on the other side of the world through one of the potholes that we're hearing cars and
6:34 am
trucks rattle over right now. and she wonders no parking here, so walking into the woods along the neshaminy creek, which is probably one of the reasons why the holes are so deep. because water along with the combination of the up and down temperatures is the problem for the potholes out here. and this one it, looks like, the road has given way. i'm going to step into this. boy this is a doozy. as bugs bunny would say. and then you sing into the gravel, which came out of the hole here, like quicksand. look at this. the gravel, gravel is like snow. the gravel is like 10 inches deep. i don't mean to laugh. you can't really probably see this on tv how deep this is. but at least we don't see any steel re bar, that's perhaps because they're probably isn't any here. but there is the creek over there. we can finally see with a little bit of daylight. you can bet that that neshaminy creek floods over and hit the rode here, what
6:35 am
probably ends up because the water gets into the holes, freezes on the colds days, expand the whole tears apart the road and then falls out and then the cars go over it on warm days like this and tomorrow and then we have people crashing over them. so here is a car in the distance, and we will sends it back to you from hulmeville and main street right off of of zimmerman. so coming down the street, there is your warning that this is a very big hole here, for your passenger side tires hit. hopefully this guy will avoid it because standing close by with a light. but the other problem is when you go around it as we showed you earlier, that you take that yellow, go over the yellow line, right around a curve, that's not good either. >> so but wait. when we see you at 7:00. when we see you at 7:00 we will show you the worse hole we saw so far today. where you can actually see like george washington artifacts from the revolution area term, that's how steep that one is. >> good lord. >> find arrow heads, and bullet and stuff. >> right. >> goodness. >> all right, steve, thank you very much. well, reputed philadelphia mob boss, joey merlino, says he's
6:36 am
moved on from the life of crime, but prosecutors tell much different story about him apparently, joey profitted from health insurance and gambling schemes and yesterday jurors heard closing arguments , at the new york city trial. the 55 year old joey merlino skinny joey, was part of a group arrested in 2016, that crackdown on east coast crime syndicate. prosecutors say they committed crimes including extortion, loan sharking, sport gambling, and insurance fraud. we will keep an eye on that one. >> let's get to princeton. because of course has been canceled, because of something said during a lecture. >> all right, thomas? >> i think it is important to note, thomas, too, what the type of class it was, the title of the class when talking about this. >> well, yes. the seminar was called cultural freedom, hate speech, blast family i and pornography , student say some say they new what they were signing up for. other weren't happy about what was said by that professor
6:37 am
right there. they say professor laurence rosen used the "n" word when discussing racism. so one of the student in the class said several people just gone got up. walk out. half of the 60 student dropped the course, that was right before rosen sent out a letter announcing that the class was canceled. >> punch student in the face as an example. so why would you state that comparison actually saying the word. student are asked for at least five times, like can you apologize, you see how un commodore barry affordable we r he said he didn't see how he offended anyone. >> university right here responded with a statement in part essentially defending the professor. they said the university will continue to encourage students , faculty and staff to embrace the values of free speech. now we did try to talk with a professor at his home yesterday. there was cents no response. once again mike and alex, some of the student as we mentioned they got up and walk out, others say hey look we kind of new what we were signing up for. >> right. hate speech of course, right.
6:38 am
>> exactly. >> so i guess he could have said just, you know, a abbreviated it? >> little warning here, i'm about to use a word, maybe continue on that? >> okay. it was about hate speech. >> exactly. >> answer was using hate speech. wasn't he try to make a point? >> well -- >> whole lot of ways, absolutely, more to come on this one. >> i'll take a home he can class, but i don't want any eggs in the room. >> okay. >> okay? >> thank you. >> thank you, thomas. 6:38. the rush for lover has gun, whether it is pick up and deliveries or last minute lovers looking for a gift. last minute lovers. >> last minute lovers. >> florist will be slammed today, if they have anything left. so, lauren johnson has more from maple shade new jersey on the inside working of a florist on day like today. >> lauren, what do you got? >> we made it to the back. this is the busy room where
6:39 am
all of the something going down, i'm going to talk to bet when sallyann she works, this is busy day for you but you say not the busiest. >> mother day is busier. but, this one runs pretty close second though. >> tell me. >> this you came in this morning prep early, got here around 5:00, 5:15, you had some on line orders, were you surprised by the number. >> no, no, not really. we have a great website. we aren't members of a wire service. so we don't have that to deal with. but we have a lot of very loyal web customers, because people like to orders at 2:00 in the morning, i guess we're not the only once up. >> you think those are the forgetful ones? >> could be, could be. >> we'll get a lot of orders on the website all day long. because whether the guy hit breaks for lunch or whatever they'll come in. >> what's your cut off today? for the last minute people who are going to wake up this morning and south carolina oh, my goodness i forgot, what's the latest they can call you and order. >> for delivery. >> for delivery. >> okay. i'm going to say 1:00. but everybody who orders here knows better than that.
6:40 am
>> i have a soft spot. and oh, all right, we'll take it. you know? and that's of course now my husband is going to say why are you still taking orders for delivery. >> go we have to do it. >> you want to make someone's day. what are you working on right now? >> working on rose dozens, vases cents for the classic dozen rose boxes cents. >> that's what i can help you with. >> all prepped up. all we have to do is add the green, already in their boxes cents, and in their sleeves. because this is the star today >> the roses are the star. this is a true labor of love back here. >> i'm going to let you work we'll check back with you in 30, 40 minute. >> mike and alex back to you guys. >> hey, thanks a lot. >> i never new. that i think automatically you assume valentine day is the number one day. but mother day makes so much sense. >> yes, total sense. because what else are you going to give your mother except flowers? valentine day you have other options, candy, underwear,
6:41 am
stuff like that. >> underway wear. socks? >> ya. >> hey, ryan, are we doing the ellen story right now. >> no, that's not going to be, after the break. >> whether we do that story, i think kenny g is good, kenny g music, romantic music? >> or barry white? >> oh,. >> that was more for gabe, i think that would work. >> yes, love to love you. from almost retiring to winning the super bowl. so nick foles went on ellen yesterday, right? and he talk about a letter, a love letter, that his wife sent him that kept him from retiring. you know, she hadn't written that letter we maybe didn't have a parade. all right? >> and where is the love? some thieves, they try to ruin valentine day for some. but they don't get away with it. what held them up during their attempt topped flea the scene. >> ♪ >> ♪
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hold together. a little to the left. 1, 2, 3, push! easy! easy! easy! (horn honking)
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>> al said my life changed when i proposed to my best friends on this very special day. happy engagement day. >> oh, from mandy. my gosh. so cute. our sweet little boy named valentine. oh, really? >> hey, val. >> so cute! >> and then erika says happy valentine day.
6:45 am
that's ben franklin in the background there. >> hey, benny. >> speaking of the benny. here is bob kelly. >> i got six kids, i'm not the bank. got any money. >> somebody talking in your ear. >> yes. >> 6:45, live look at the roosevelt boulevard here. it is starting to see some volume pop out of northeast philly past fox street coming in from south jersey, delays on the freeway, headlight headed here into the walt whitman bridge. now, they're working on the walt whitman bridge, eastbound , schmidt span, leaving south philly headed into new jersey look out, one of the lanes are block there. no problems coming in from collegeville, don't forget we filled out all every those valentine cards for the kids last night, so, make sure you don't forget to put them in their book bag, for some of the older valentine, check this out, i thought this was cute. help, i've fallen for you and i can't get up. >> i like that one. >> you like that one. >> oh, my gosh. >> i need love alert. >> right. >> some delays on the trenton
6:46 am
warminster, and the airport regional rail line. sue has got your sweety forecast in 15 seconds. >> time is 6:46. high pressure is in control today. but we do have this weak disturbance that came through overnight still kind of around , maybe little bit of drizzle, freezing dzhokhar he up in the pocono mountains, all we've seen around sigh tiny bit of pink left over
6:47 am
thursday into the six's, more rain rolling in 6:00, 7:00 then continue ons and off through friday, at least through the early part of the day, once that cold front comes through, temperatures will plummet for a day and a half. 35 degrees in philadelphia, 35 in wildwood, 34 degrees in allentown, winds are coming out of the southwest now, so that's good thing, too, it also means it will be milder a little later on today so some of the windchills are in the upper 20s this morning, not bad for wintertime though, high of 52 degrees, today, in the 60s on thursday, and friday. chance of rain, as we said on friday morning, could see couple of flurries because it will be so cold on saturday. but the weekends really changes, sunday and monday, we get back to milder temperatures, sunday looks like great day with a high of 49 degrees. and of course, we have the holiday on monday. how about a high of 52? will you take it? >> i'll take -- are you serious about friday? it could be 70 degrees? >> close to it i know you like to rounds up. >> i like to round up.
6:48 am
why 69? just say 70, sue, just say it. >> she's accurate, okay? >> here comes the love story. we will get the details out of the way. foles on a roll, right? mvp, got the little football there. most valuable player in the super bowl. >> right? >> and then where do you go right after that? disney world. >> that was the very next day. then, he went to the ellen show, out in hollywood. >> oh,. >> and he opened up about the philly special play. that he and the coach worked out. he went over to the coach and said, okay, let's run philly special. we've only run that three times. but work. so he talked about it with ellen. >> ya, just sort of gut feeling. coach peterson and had i talked about it, talk about it couple of days before when we want to do it, second half, different situation, but fourth and one in the super bowl.
6:49 am
going against the patriots. do you have do some stuff that is sort of risky to win this game. >> right. >> you know the philly special came to mind. we went over there, i asked him, and coach peterson, you know, being the great coach he is, he's all right let's do it >> let's do it. >> okay, now. >> he makes it sounds so easy, only practiced three times, you're in the super bowl against against the patriots, but let's do it. >> and kept his cool. boy is his baby cute. >> okay, let's bring in the again i g music now. could this really and love letter to a man he loved. nick admitted to ellen and all of us, why he returned to football. you know, he was back up quarterback. he went from couple of different cities. you know what, maybe should give this up. give up this football thing, honey. just stay home with you and raise that beautiful child of ours. but no. his wife sent him a letter. don't retire. >> my wife wrote me a letter. in the letter she just talk
6:50 am
about me wanting to be out there and play not to play but she new i wasn't finished yet. she new i had so much going on in my heart just face my fear, it was almost paralyzing to go back and play. >> and then they played games. isn't that cool. >> it is cool. i mean, when you you're supposed to be in it together. i like to see she is supporting him, what do they say behind every great man. >> is a woman. >> i love that. >> that was nice. >> you know you picked the right one. >> that's great. and thank you for doing that, what's her name? >> mrs. foles, yes. lady foles. >> lady foles. >> the woman of the foles house. >> by the way, you know, people -- i feel horrible. so grateful that you, what is it, sue? >> tori. >> tori foles. we will never forget that, okay. >> tori foles. thank you, tori. >> because if she hadn't
6:51 am
retired we probably wouldn't be here. >> we wouldn't have a super bowl. we owe it to you. >> where is the love? ever give big teddy bear, you know, vermont teddy bears for valentine day when you can't think of anything else to give a woman. give her a stuffed animal. anyway these guys tried to steel a bunch of them. well they did not get far. we will play the rest of the video for you. >> and in today's moment in black history, we remember coal end powell's achievement and in 2001, became the first african-american of the first african-american secretary every state. under george w. bush. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> there are two types of people in the world.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
>> nope, did not get away with this. >> two men grabbed giant teddy bears from roadside valentine day shop phoenix arizona ran into a big problem when their gather away suv was stopped this traffic at at a red light obviously these giant teddy bears were in the passenger seat and people in the philadelphia so good samaritans, ran over, stopped the suv pulled the bear out and as they were driving off these two culprits, they just tossed the rest of the bears into the street and drove off. >> poor little bears.
6:55 am
>> i don't know that i would rescue teddy bears. middle of street. >> you just leave it? >> yes, let it go. >> listen, free valentine day gift. >> all right, so let's get into this tipping debate here. get on twitter and tell me this. a woman got fired, she is a hostess at restaurant, put together like a 700-dollar order take-out. and the guy didn't tip her. should you tip on a take-out order? i have a tendency to do that. and steve on pothole patrol, he's out back. pea past yes, tees people work for tips, we're on route one where we have our number one pothole of the morning here, in lower bucks, and boy, it deep, wide and adoze. >> i wow. >> any time you see that, what do they call it, re bar, re
6:56 am
barb? >> thank you for that beautiful valentine. fly eagles fly. thanks, jason. [narrator] look around. if our world isn't stuck in the past, why is higher education? we say, if there's a better path, you should take it.
6:57 am
and when there isn't, well, you know where i'm going with that. don't do things by the book if the book can't keep up. take your page from one that hasn't been written. we took two renowned universities, including a premiere medical school, and created a single university that defies convention. at jefferson, we're making modern look old and making old look new and making sure new is not enough. we're adding more weight to your degrees and more meaning to your careers, going where others wouldn't dare, making connections few think to make, and setting tomorrow's standards by breaking today's, because we believe the lines that are drawn are meant to be crossed. that's where the future is born. and once you realize you're not limited to what's possible, guess what? you redefine all that will be.
6:58 am
>> looking havoc for area drivers. >> broken frames, broken shots , broken tires, bent rims
6:59 am
the norm. >> repair bills, adding up, as local roads crumble beneath us show us a picture of your pothole. >> recognize these dudes? philadelphia police release new video shows the faces of fans who turn wreckless while celebrating the super bowl win and we're one day away from the first medical marijuana being distributed, under pennsylvania's new program. >> today is a new day. really is a new day for pennsylvanians. >> we will take you inside the first dispensaries are you set to open its doors in our area, tomorrow. we will take a look around. >> and this is the last time i'm going to say this, love is in the air.
7:00 am
>> yes, it is valentine day, which means local flower shops are extremely busy right now. we're following the flowers from the shop to your stoop. >> to your stoop. >> oh. first flower orders coming in. >> flower delivery. >> bingo. >> look at that big box! >> somebody? >> addressed to? >> alex? >> let's take a look. >> o beautiful! >> i will always love you. here is the card. let me get my. >> very appropriate for today. >> peace and love. allen from west philly who watches the show every day, fox 29 is number one dilly dilly. >> dilly dilly. >> no kidding. >> that's great. >> sweet. >> a guy doesn't often get flowers, that's very nice. >> that's nice. >> to for all of us, for the group. >> nice that people think of us on a day of love. >> any candy in there. >> no, not a bit.


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